Reviews for "Crap Attack"

Took forever for it to load. Got to play the first level and the game froze at the end. Now it won't load at all on Chrome or Explorer.

Catomgames responds:

Hi JCLV. The game freezes on the end of a level if it hasn't loaded the music. Our programmer made the next level available only when the "end level jingle" plays. Anyway we will fix it soon

Yeah this is really not acceptable. The game takes forever to load because you've packed way too many resources into this. And it freezes at the end of the first stage just like someone else mentioned. Then wait forever and I'm not sure if it'll load up again or not. Maybe it will maybe it won't.

Trim your games way down. They should be relatively small in filesize (including the music or animation!) so if they're not, trim it down so that it is something more reasonable and if this means removing cutscenes or music, remove them.

If the cutscenes are super important or the main focus of the game, consider perhaps submitting as a movie instead of a game and just only have the cutscenes play, and no game.