Reviews for "Crap Attack"

its okay but trash graphics you can do better

I should have known that a game about fighting shit could probably be shitty as well.
- it takes forever to load.
- there's no level up system or anything that makes fighting shit easier over time.
- no life bar. One hit and you die.
- if you die it restarts the whole level, no checkpoints, but the timer isn't reset, so basically if you die only once near the end of a level, you're screwed. It's impossible to repeat 4 minutes worth concentrated fighting, dodging, jumping, etc, within 1 minute.
- what could make it even worse? if the timer runs out you have to restart the WHOLE game.
- there's no map in later levels to show me where to go. I could clear one path and choose another, but miss out a single enemy that was on another little branch between two points. There's no time for backtracking either, so if you miss anything, you can restart at level 1, congratz.
- the weapons range is so small, that the faster running poo's can only be defeated by standing at one end of their track and waiting for them to come and go, spamming spacebar while they're there. That takes way too much time after level 3, and if you try rushing it a bit, you die, restart the whole game again, yipie.
- fighting the flies while on moving plattforms is very tricky. Either you jump into it, or miss the plattform when landing and die.

You see, no matter what you do, you have to play absolutely perfect without getting hit once, time the jumps on moving plattforms like a pro, find a way to defeat running enemies fast, and clear every path without even knowing for sure where they go. There's no pickups, upgrades, leveling system, checkpoints, or a map. If you die 2 minutes into a level, you can't finish it in time. So basically dying only once within the whole game would most probably make you restart the whole game. I tried it 3 times now, only got to level 4, and I have absolutely no more interest in trying. And there's supposed to be an even harder mode after finishing? No thanks. Uh yeah and there's no mute button or settings either.

I'm only giving a half star for the soundtrack, I like heavy, epic music. So you're lucky, no zero from me. But whoever doesn't like that either has every right to rate 0.

Sorry to say that, but maybe you shouldn't make a game about shit just as shitty as it's main topic. I'm sure it could be epic in a crazy kind of way, but it needs a lot of improvements for that. Newgrounds offers alot of random games with weird/funny/nonsense topics and ideas, but to be enjoyable they still have to be playable, so work on that if you want to go that way.
The idea is good, the rest is.... well you know.

Not horrible, but not great either. I know you Italian guys bum-rushed adding games to the Portal, but you need to beta test it first before releasing them.

Fecal "humor" is dead, but that's not the problem. It's that you gotta start all the way from the beginning if a turd hits - erm - you. Instead of having like a health bar or having something like 2 or 3 lives, one hit and done is just annoying.

Yeah this is really not acceptable. The game takes forever to load because you've packed way too many resources into this. And it freezes at the end of the first stage just like someone else mentioned. Then wait forever and I'm not sure if it'll load up again or not. Maybe it will maybe it won't.

Trim your games way down. They should be relatively small in filesize (including the music or animation!) so if they're not, trim it down so that it is something more reasonable and if this means removing cutscenes or music, remove them.

If the cutscenes are super important or the main focus of the game, consider perhaps submitting as a movie instead of a game and just only have the cutscenes play, and no game.

Game loads for me. I kind of wish it hadn't though. Ordinarily, I never skip cutscenes in games. Yet I DESPERATELY wanted to skip the extremely long and crude intro to this game, but it doesn't give you the option. The game itself is standard platforming fare with a frustratingly tiny range on your weapon, unforgiving hitbox, no checkpoints, and a timer that doesn't reset when you die. The only thing that made me smile was the laughably epic soundtrack for a game about killing poop.

Catomgames responds:

Hi, you can skip the intro by pressing ESC.