Reviews for "The Loaf Zone"

Make more! The animation is so unique and colorful. Great.

This is pretty good, but I am not impressed with the storyline.

I am really impressed with the animation though.

Great jokes and great voice quality. The animation for the most part was absolutely superb, but it was a bit choppy in the Barbecubicles bit. The facial expressions were funny too. There was a really cool mix of artstyles. Keep it up!

RichChap responds:

Thank you! The choppy animation you're referring to was actually a stylistic choice. I was going for a stop-motion type look so I decided to do that scene at 12fps instead of 24. Totally fair if that didn't appeal to you though. Glad you liked it overall!

That is just bloody brilliant
randomness aside, the jokes were on the spot :D

Funny, more, MORE!!!