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Reviews for "wakfu flash game"

As many others have said, there's no sound; that's not a huge flaw in and of itself, but just watching a silent image move is a bit boring. The animation is also quite lazy, sadly; you have two scenes each with four different speeds, but the 'slow' animation moves at normal speed, 'fast' is the same animation as 'slow' but one-and-a-half times faster, and 'crazy' is twice as fast. There's no variety there... just the same expressions and the same motions over and over. This barely qualifies as a glorified GIF.

The only reason you're getting anything close to two stars is because A) you're using a franchise I love; and B) your artistry is good, but it lacks a great deal of effort.

No sound and the female characters look utterly confused in both scenes. So was I.

This looks really neat! I wish it had sound in it though and wish that the facial expressions change along with the variation of the speeds. Other than that I wish to see more of this.

its nice but the reactions seem a bit off and theres no sound

that's good!! can we expect a swap with amalia or other characters?