Reviews for "Floppy Pipe"

It is SO fun!!!

Catomgames responds:

Thank you Avallamar!

Not a bad Flappy Bird clone, The art is actually really nice and I like how the roles are switched in the game. The game controls fine and I didn't run into any problems personally. I think the author did a good job with this game. Keep up the great work

Ok notbad of a game

It was actually kind of hard I thik I barly mustard up some points enough for one medal, but it was a tricky game that one needs patience for but you did make it fun and all the medals are a nice touch, a good little time waster game though I Liked it, keep making fun games.

Graphics could be better, and there shoud be a way to gain first few medals but anyways still fun.


Getting up to ten points wasn't so hard but... it sure picks up after that! What a twist to the original game though. XD Gameplay's still a bit too grueling for me - not enough reward to match the grind, too many replays required, but the mechanics are great otherwise, graphics good; everything works as it should! Nice idea.


Catomgames responds:

Hi Cyberdevil! Thanks for your feedback!

I've hated Flappy Bird since the original made it's debut all those years ago. I was also annoyed that all the clones were essentially the same game with no attempt at evolution (I remember only one game that attempted to do something new with it.) That might be why I appreciate this game a little; it mocks the aesthetics of the the original. It also has a nice color palate and smooth mechanics, which can't be said for all other clones, some of which had no polish. I'm baffled at how some of the reviewers are taking it so seriously, especially with the name you've given the 33 medal (assume you mean Judas)

Catomgames responds:

Hi, thank for your detailed feedback. We really appreciate it. About the name Jude is a prank we made for a friend of us ( we always called him Judas)