Reviews for "Floppy Pipe"

Well, a plus is it's been a while since we had a Flappy Bird clone, but that's the problem...it's another Flappy Bird clone. Nothing new or exciting.

It is just a flappy bird with different background and main character.

Very buggy and not too original.

There's tons of flappy bird clones out there but that's not the main issue here, when I restart the game it tends to lag harshly when a bird gets grounded, it's almost as if they spawned over each other multiple times.

But there is an even bigger problem where the game opened several tabs one after another to try and grant permission to use my account. I don't really know how it happened but it's quite a problem.

Catomgames responds:

Hi, we have fixed that annoying bug you were talking about!

Getting up to ten points wasn't so hard but... it sure picks up after that! What a twist to the original game though. XD Gameplay's still a bit too grueling for me - not enough reward to match the grind, too many replays required, but the mechanics are great otherwise, graphics good; everything works as it should! Nice idea.


Catomgames responds:

Hi Cyberdevil! Thanks for your feedback!

It is SO fun!!!

Catomgames responds:

Thank you Avallamar!