Reviews for "Happy Pico Day 2014"

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Is cool , but now is 2018 , but this isn't too late.

Cyberdevil responds:

Time does fly. :) Thanks!

This looks good for an unreleased entry from 2014. I remember you saying that you would not submit anything this year, but here it is. Nice job and Happy Pico Day 2018.

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks! Yeah I didn't remember this one until I found it. :) And there's the verse, too! Both something old and something new.

Happy Pico Day!

Ugh, how horrible. Cyberdevil what have you done?

Just Kidding, nice short. The up/down walking leg animation is a bit odd, but that's a four years ago you problem.

Happy Pico Day man!

Cyberdevil responds:

Man, for a moment there ... XD

Thanks, and yes, those wonky details were the result of a somewhat wonky work practice with the pixel art... though considering I've had little practice since it may be a this year me problem too! Will see when that games comes out if there's potential for changing.

Happy Pico Day to you too!