Reviews for "Customer Reviews : Foamy The Squirrels"

All true. I'm up tot the point in my life, where i talk to customers the same way I speak to my cat.

I've only worked a job like that once before. But I've always been nice to people unless they get hostile with me first. I try to be reasonable and polite with anyone working there.

OMG! Foamy the Squirrel is right about this! When you're a customer, you don't know how employees in the store feel or act, but when you get a job in that exact same store, you actually understand. Even if you're unemployed, treat other employees with respect. You really have to walk in their shoes to understand.
When RadioShack came in, I was one of those people who were awed by how the stores look. However, when I was looking for a job to help pay for my tuition bills and got one in that same store, I understand how a retailer feels. Granted, not every customer was a jerk to me, but sometimes I feel that I have to struggle with other people's behaviour to get sales.
Anyway, treat the employees of retail stores the same way you want to be treated. That way, people can learn to become better and more understanding.

I'm one of those few nice people that say please, thank you, and actually be polite to people serving me. I'm also a server currently at my job sometimes and I feel bad if I think I'm not moving fast enough. Luckily though I've never had to deal with rude customers yet.

Foamy is always ranting and making good points, especially in this episode about custom service. Working retail can be terrible, and Foamy understand that pain. He also brings the humor.