Reviews for "The Lost Temple"

Well, I'm glad you improved the game, especially the music. But I still can't make that jump to the ledge in the upper left. It's very annoying that I can't continue on the fact that you have to execute the jump perfectly or you won't make it. It feels like it was made to be unbeatable.

JeffreyDriver responds:

Please could you pause the game at the problem point (some debug info will appear) and let me know the scene name and the X and Y number? Thanks.

EDIT: I've PM'd you the solution.


JeffreyDriver responds:

Thanks. I'm glad that you liked it.

The graphics are simplistic but appealing. The music can get repetitive and a bit annoying. I'm going to take your word for this being different than the original. The gameplay is OK, I feel like the momentum mechanic was implemented nicely, although some of the jumps are a bit pixel-perfect. The game also involves a lot of backtracking in order to get everything. It's not fun backtracking either.

JeffreyDriver responds:

Thanks for playing, and for your feedback. I've taken note of your comment regarding the music (but believe me, the music in this is a huge improvement on the original!) I'll look at introducing multiple tracks.

I'll admit that some of the jumps are very tight, but I've kept these to minimum. As for the backtracking, perhaps I got it wrong. I wanted some backtracking, but I don't want it to feel like a chore. If there's a particularly annoying level, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me me know which one.

Cool rage-game with fun plot!

Acceleration is a bit cranky and clicking the map doesn't allow you to close it by pressing M again, so you need to click the Map button on sceen, which becomes invisible if the Map is present. Good anyways.


JeffreyDriver responds:

Thanks. I'm glad that you liked it. Thanks for the bug report, I'll get it fixed.

EDIT: FIxed.

Very nice game! The sprite and the music are not very bad! The gameplay is not bad but sometime the hitbox of the pike are not is the good place I think.

But, which engine do you use to made it?

JeffreyDriver responds:

Thanks. I'll look into the issue with the spikes. I used Stencyl.