Reviews for "The Lost Temple"

Once you hit the ice stages it reaches an impossible mode. Lost interest in there since too much work to get anywhere. Might keep trying but it's a real hassle.

JeffreyDriver responds:

Thanks for playing. Someone else has complained about the ice stages so I'll look at tweaking the difficulty.

I liked it to begin with but like many games I got onto the 'ice' stage and that first level is just ridiculously hard with glitches, one minute the character will stand still, the next it'll slide, taken all the enjoyment away as it's just become frustrating, glitchy and far too difficult relying on luck. Loses a lot of points for that alone, I gave it about 20 attempts on that level before I shut the game down, I wouldn't go back and have another go either, once the fun is gone I'm off!

JeffreyDriver responds:

Sorry. You're right, the controls on the ice stage are still a bit buggy. I've tested it lots and it's really difficult to pin down the problem. I'll keep trying though.

Very cool game. I like how momentum and speed factor in the gameplay, it makes it stand out from most platformers. I also like the graphics and the music, simple while nostalgic, very reminiscent of old Atari games.

However, I want to point out a couple of glitches I found and a few things that can be improved.

On level 6, when I put all of the keys in their altars, the outline of one of the keys didn't change its colour, it remained gray. I assumed that I had missed one of the keys, so I explored the whole level from one end to the other before I realized, while passing by, that the door had been opened. I would recommend, after gathering all the keys in a level, putting in a music or visual cue that indicates that the door has been opened, in order to make it clearer.

On level 7, when I jumped into one of the floating platforms by accident, I ended up inside it and I couldn't get out. Because of that, I had to start the level over, losing my progress. I think that, on top of fixing that glitch, you should add the option to restart from a checkpoint in the pause menu, so that players aren't forced to restart the whole level.

Otherwise, it's a pretty good game.

JeffreyDriver responds:

Thanks for playing, and for your feedback. I'm sorry to ran into some problems, but I appreciate you letting me know. Some good advice too. Thanks again.

Great package overwall, but it feels weird to gain speed during a diagonal jump.

Fun at stages