Reviews for "Fairy Tail pt.2"

amazing job

BatouWH responds:


very good joh

gotta love anime hentai


If I could give it 5 stars again I would! This made me cum... so... fucking.. HARD. Thank You! PLEASE give us more. I really hope for some Anal doggystyle. I mean I dont know how to exactly describe what I like. The fucking was amazing, but the texture I think of the animation or overall design, there's something about the animation that's extremely above average. It's beyond just cartoon fucking.

This is something truly special. Not to mention the voice overs. I mean you get the cartoon with great sex no vocals, great vocals bad sex or great sex bad vocals or great sex and great vocals but no synchronicity in timing between the two or you get great sex, great voice but bad graphics. You simply cant win most of the time. There are some other great works out there, however, but THIS... what you have given us! Thank you for this masterpiece. I would pay for others work that have been amazing, but for THIS I would give you my SOUL. I came... so... fucking... HARD. And I just cant believe how insanely amazing this is. Thank You!