Reviews for "Fairy Tail pt.2"


gotta love anime hentai

yo i recognise that bulge

I don't know why but from a far view it looks a tad bit off however most of the POV shots where not half bad. The facial features looked off and are more funny looking then anything else. Some of the shots linger for to long and some of the face shots the way you framed them where also off.
-1 Star for weird jump cuts where they don't need to be.
-1 Star for weird lingering shots.
-1 Star for awkward face shots/weird framing.
Tip: Shorten down the animation's length to not have to resort to so animation recycling wont minus a Star there, because sometimes even huge animation studios still do it to.
But other then that good job, keep up the good work.

Been watching a lot of Eroge haven't you lol?

BatouWH responds:

May be little bit. (oT-T)尸