Reviews for "regarding Pie"

That was amazing! so much greatness made in suck a small amount of time. To be honest, i didn't get the point, sorry bout' that, but i still think it was good. I'm sorry that you don't feel satisfired but you did good man. You did good! YOU DID GOOD GRANT!

What Fuck The? Twu spoiky 5 me...

I love the animation style and the setting you build up but... I'm not sure where the change of character really comes in. Is she always like that? How does she get greedy over one particularly generous sale? Or: was it because she realized the little girl was buying the pie for her parents, and not for herself...? And the next time she comes in she tries to take more to make up for the first pie? Yet it seems the only pie she's selling is to the little girl, so where she gets that other mass of money seems strange. Feels like that script could be better conveyed, but otherwise: great work.


Now, let me give you five stars. For making so much progress.

But let me give you a little slap in the face as well. This was the first of your animations I watched completely without rolling eyes. In my opinion, you have an already (too early) established, very recognizable style in drawing and in pace. This gives you lots of fans but on the other hand enprisons your progress. Everytime I started watching something, I quit after less than a minute, because I was just not hooked and thought: Still the same artist, still the same thing, still the same flaws. This is the first piece, which kept me watching (although I would wish at times for it to be quicker paced). You clearly made progress, mainly because of basics like a proper intro and a clear story (what was the ending about though?). Even if the story has been recycled thousands of times before, it still is a story with context, setup, reasoning and propagation, which I've been missing from your previous animations all the time. Also, the proper use of frame-by-frame animation in this piece is a plus. Characters seem much more developed (still needs a little bit more of convincing though). Not everybody is the same trying-to-be-cool-and-grown-up-ever-knowing-better-and-wise-and-deep-thoughts personage. You did well this time. Overall, a good piece. Good, not great.

I think you may be more than pleased. Keep up the progres. But keep working, it is very promising!

WooleyWorld responds:

Nah. I'll stay at "pleased but not satisfied". There were a lot of issues with this animation that make me not enjoy it a whole lot. I find this is the problem with a committee.

Thanks for the review.

Excellent job! Love that greedy look