Reviews for "regarding Pie"

i love so much this type of animation ! this is great good job

Well done for a creepy unsettling portrayal of greed. You're really good at drawing cute girls, so it was a shame to see that greedy bitch become ugly, lmao

You made me hate that pie lady so much, Great Job!

Thought I would watch a little of it to see what it was like but actually found myself feeling disappointed - not by the animation but the fact that I had fairly quickly got drawn into it and it was suddenly over. The time just flew by so quickly.

Great job!

WooleyWorld responds:

It was supposed to be longer, but it ended up not making it to the desired length I wanted. Oh well. Glad you enjoyed it while you could.

The cashier's face wasn't punchable enough. Maybe add a shit-eating grin next time.

Aside from that, this was perfect.