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Reviews for "Eternal Death"

The engine looks solid and I like the diversity in the worlds and this whole randomness, but there were problems on the way. Like, major problems. I picked up the artifact on the seventh floor and everything just kind of died before me until the end of the game. I mean, everything did 0 dmg to me because of my ridiculous defense stat and I just could walk through everything right until the game's ending. And this was also my first run, so I haven't experienced the game much, because I had to be careful only in the mystic caves and then the game just kinda played and finished itself. The fact that there were medkits on my every step healing me fully in the last worlds didn't exactly add to the challenge, too. Also, there was no boss in the digital world.

HealliesGames responds:

Evaluating Eternal Death over time, it surprised me a lot how a run can go from one end to the other.

It's amazing how easy it's to break the game, or to come across an unfortunate run to lose on the first floor.

I also remember a play from my friends: a run that seemed to be perfect, ruined by a simple "corrupted script" that made them lose.

Certainly one of the most structured projects I've done, but the randomness of the events really seems to dictate the fate of the game.

I intend to do a second chapter in the future, I want to see what can come out with the experience gained over the years.

Diavolo be like

I like a good rougelike, but this just seems so unfair. The enemies do way too much damage at the start of the game compared to you. And these "chance" items that can raise or lower stats, as someone else mentioned before, are better left untouched just by the randomness of it.

HealliesGames responds:

The start can be painful, right. But it takes very little to understand how to play.
And after you engage, all enemies will not touch you at all. :)
Thanks for your feedback!

This game is pretty bad, even for a roguelike
If you want random chance then have a random chance for abilities to proc or have randomly generated loot, making the mushrooms on the ground randomly perma raise or lower your stats is insane because the optimal mode of play is just to not pick them up at at all and just rely on the natural stat gain from raising your level.

It's ridiculous to build conflicting ideas into your game and then shrug your shoulders and say "Eh, that's how luck works!"

The art, I can understand. Not being able to have screen presses path your character to the point you click, that's a programming issue, sure, I'm sure you'll figure it out.

I just don't understand why you'd cripple your own game with measures made to frustrate you.

HealliesGames responds:

Obviously you should avoid objects that have random feature, but you can be obliged to touch them while running by enemies or in narrows.
And except some objects, their impact on statistics is not as high. So if you are already untouchable, they will not change your run and risk can only improve you.
I'm not shrugging my shoulders, because the game is pretty easy. Frustration comes from the fact that I did too much floor, and start again is very frustrating, but starting again can help you to find all objects of Encyclopedia.
If it's not interesting it's another thing.

For commands I have not been able to make them comfortable. And I apologize for this.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback!

The game froze immediately after I started the game, it was stuck on the loading screen.
I didn't even get to play it.

HealliesGames responds:

That's awful, I never imagined such problems.
Try to play it in another browser or in another machine;
are the only solutions I could think.
PM me if necessary!