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Reviews for "Eternal Death"

One problem, if my game crashes it goes back to the main screen. and I can't resume my path. it should autosave each time you get to the next stage. Other than that awesome game.

HealliesGames responds:

First the idea was to make an anti-cheat save. If you quit during the run and then resuming the path, you can get a different dungeon. To avoid this, I've done you can't exit while playing. But I didn't considerate any crashes.
So, thanks also to the reporting of HerbieG, now (for each save) you can quit max 3 times.
Actually I can only suggest to save often. :)
Thanks for your interest and your feedback, Electro!

Usual but solid rogue grind, sometimes harder with bad luck or drops but doable, only half star take away for me is the difficulties of finding floor exit and eye straining to spot it. Would be nice to make it where when floor is entirely clear of enemies it will give and arrow to the exit to cut that hassle without helping if there are enemies left.

HealliesGames responds:

The problem of exit floors is REALLY irritating also because of my questionable skill in drawing.
The project no longer receives updates, but I will take into consideration all the mistakes made and tips I get from users for an hypothetical sequel, so I appreciate very much feedback.
Thank you, ferretwheel!

Solid Point and click RPG game.

Only gripe I have is how the A.I just mirrors your movements causing you to either fight them or get suck in an endless movement puzzle.

HealliesGames responds:

Well... yes, the A.I. it's quite simple.
I preferred to create something not very complex compared to a buggy A.I.
Thanks for feedback!

This game is just rngesus.
Can't control with keyboard.
Lags after killing boss.
Mines are stupid
Permanent halve attack traps is derp
Staircases don't stand out
All wooden chests
Inventory and stats take up half the screen
Monster stats is half a tile

music is good

HealliesGames responds:

Most of RNG games are luck-based sadly. But I think it's satisfying find the perfect run!
I'm wavering about keyboard because I want to fit controls even for touch screen, and put the game on PlayStore.
The other type of chest are less because items are very poor. I don't know if I will add more.
For staircases I agree at all.
However, glad you enjoyed the music. :)
Thanks for feedback!

it is a very good game, I agree with those random items are way too random, better not touch them once you are able to win. My suggestion is you should add weapon and armor slots so that we can make good use of other items

HealliesGames responds:

I noticed that, random is too random, didn't script chances of happening enough.
Weapon and armor slots I don't now, but for sure increasing the capacity of inventory it's a good idea.
Pleased you enjoyed the game, thanks for advice and feedback! :)

P.S.: For example, you can find 10 plants in a row that decrease your stats. Random is good, but that's to much.