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Reviews for "Eternal Death"

This game is pretty bad, even for a roguelike
If you want random chance then have a random chance for abilities to proc or have randomly generated loot, making the mushrooms on the ground randomly perma raise or lower your stats is insane because the optimal mode of play is just to not pick them up at at all and just rely on the natural stat gain from raising your level.

It's ridiculous to build conflicting ideas into your game and then shrug your shoulders and say "Eh, that's how luck works!"

The art, I can understand. Not being able to have screen presses path your character to the point you click, that's a programming issue, sure, I'm sure you'll figure it out.

I just don't understand why you'd cripple your own game with measures made to frustrate you.

HealliesGames responds:

Obviously you should avoid objects that have random feature, but you can be obliged to touch them while running by enemies or in narrows.
And except some objects, their impact on statistics is not as high. So if you are already untouchable, they will not change your run and risk can only improve you.
I'm not shrugging my shoulders, because the game is pretty easy. Frustration comes from the fact that I did too much floor, and start again is very frustrating, but starting again can help you to find all objects of Encyclopedia.
If it's not interesting it's another thing.

For commands I have not been able to make them comfortable. And I apologize for this.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback!

This game is just rngesus.
Can't control with keyboard.
Lags after killing boss.
Mines are stupid
Permanent halve attack traps is derp
Staircases don't stand out
All wooden chests
Inventory and stats take up half the screen
Monster stats is half a tile

music is good

HealliesGames responds:

Most of RNG games are luck-based sadly. But I think it's satisfying find the perfect run!
I'm wavering about keyboard because I want to fit controls even for touch screen, and put the game on PlayStore.
The other type of chest are less because items are very poor. I don't know if I will add more.
For staircases I agree at all.
However, glad you enjoyed the music. :)
Thanks for feedback!

So this game seems promising...but the interface is SO simple that I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing. I keep finding rare chests that say they need a key. I've also found several "triple keys", but they don't open the chests. I'm not sure if this is because they're not supposed to, or I just can't figure out the inventory system. Clicking items in inventory multiple times seems to turn them different colors and/or make the character hold them in his hand, but I can't tell what any of this means. Am I just dumb...?

HealliesGames responds:

My intent was exactly to create a simple interface.
I love RPG games when they're simple. Not too much statistics. :)
You're not dumb at all: at first can seem complex, but it's easy.
Basically, each key open its chest, while inventory colors mean "selected" item (yellow) and "equipped" item (green).
Maybe I'll do a small tutorial in future that explain game mechanics.
Glad to hear this about game, thanks for feedback!

Solid Point and click RPG game.

Only gripe I have is how the A.I just mirrors your movements causing you to either fight them or get suck in an endless movement puzzle.

HealliesGames responds:

Well... yes, the A.I. it's quite simple.
I preferred to create something not very complex compared to a buggy A.I.
Thanks for feedback!