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Reviews for "Eternal Death"

Not sure if I'm just getting really good RGN but the game feels a bit on the easy side (especially due to the Artifact). The music is alright but does get repetitive so a mute option would be appreciated. I also got stuck on Earth Core 3 after a warp blocked the exit to the next floor.

Despite all that, I enjoyed the time I spent playing this game, good work and keep it up! =)

HealliesGames responds:

As I said to Rad, the game is pretty easy. I should have to balance better enemies stats, because after you earn a certain amount of ATK and DEF you become untouchable.
Yes, you can already disable music and sounds in main menu.

I never encountered that bug. Hope it wasn't too annoying, I don't think to support the game anymore for many factors (resources management first of all).

That's what I like to hear, thanks for your feedback! :)

The game froze immediately after I started the game, it was stuck on the loading screen.
I didn't even get to play it.

HealliesGames responds:

That's awful, I never imagined such problems.
Try to play it in another browser or in another machine;
are the only solutions I could think.
PM me if necessary!

At least m,ake it so that there is the right chest at the same floor when we find a key. I found three golden tripple keys in one run and then two diamond keys, but no treasure chests to use them on. I threw the two useles keys into the wishing well, but only got mediocre items from diamond keys. Why not making it so that you can throw items into the well to get some exp or a random healing item? And finding a rare chest without having the chance of finding the key on the same floor nor a way to get back to collect it later is a dick move too. There was a golden chest in one of the floors, but I only found a golden triple key later.

What's up with the mystical plants? I get a lot of armor decrease while the attack increase/decrease is at least a little bit balanced out. The tips can't be read unless you take a screen shot at the right time or you are Superman or can slow down time like Quicksilver.

It's better not to pick up any plants except for the ones that heal you. Items and grinding are better ways to increase your stats. More wooden chests with keys or a healing item inside them would be nice. Stalagmites or other damaging traps right in the path so you have to ignore the monsters (my precious exp) is kinda annoying.

HealliesGames responds:

You absolutely right, I was thinking the same.
As I said, the randomness of items it's quite annoying. While testing in these days, I only found "Triple Key" and no chest. For the "Pit of Wishess" yeah, that's an idea, even for tips:
I will fix all that things in the next update.

Surely "Stalagmite" and other trap MUST be annoying. Otherwise they would not make sense to exists.

Thanks for advice and feedback!

it is a very good game, I agree with those random items are way too random, better not touch them once you are able to win. My suggestion is you should add weapon and armor slots so that we can make good use of other items

HealliesGames responds:

I noticed that, random is too random, didn't script chances of happening enough.
Weapon and armor slots I don't now, but for sure increasing the capacity of inventory it's a good idea.
Pleased you enjoyed the game, thanks for advice and feedback! :)

P.S.: For example, you can find 10 plants in a row that decrease your stats. Random is good, but that's to much.

I like a good rougelike, but this just seems so unfair. The enemies do way too much damage at the start of the game compared to you. And these "chance" items that can raise or lower stats, as someone else mentioned before, are better left untouched just by the randomness of it.

HealliesGames responds:

The start can be painful, right. But it takes very little to understand how to play.
And after you engage, all enemies will not touch you at all. :)
Thanks for your feedback!