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Reviews for "Eternal Death"

Cool game.


Diavolo be like

The engine looks solid and I like the diversity in the worlds and this whole randomness, but there were problems on the way. Like, major problems. I picked up the artifact on the seventh floor and everything just kind of died before me until the end of the game. I mean, everything did 0 dmg to me because of my ridiculous defense stat and I just could walk through everything right until the game's ending. And this was also my first run, so I haven't experienced the game much, because I had to be careful only in the mystic caves and then the game just kinda played and finished itself. The fact that there were medkits on my every step healing me fully in the last worlds didn't exactly add to the challenge, too. Also, there was no boss in the digital world.

HealliesGames responds:

Evaluating Eternal Death over time, it surprised me a lot how a run can go from one end to the other.

It's amazing how easy it's to break the game, or to come across an unfortunate run to lose on the first floor.

I also remember a play from my friends: a run that seemed to be perfect, ruined by a simple "corrupted script" that made them lose.

Certainly one of the most structured projects I've done, but the randomness of the events really seems to dictate the fate of the game.

I intend to do a second chapter in the future, I want to see what can come out with the experience gained over the years.

Usual but solid rogue grind, sometimes harder with bad luck or drops but doable, only half star take away for me is the difficulties of finding floor exit and eye straining to spot it. Would be nice to make it where when floor is entirely clear of enemies it will give and arrow to the exit to cut that hassle without helping if there are enemies left.

HealliesGames responds:

The problem of exit floors is REALLY irritating also because of my questionable skill in drawing.
The project no longer receives updates, but I will take into consideration all the mistakes made and tips I get from users for an hypothetical sequel, so I appreciate very much feedback.
Thank you, ferretwheel!