Reviews for "Paddle Pals"

The game is very good, I'll give you that! Nice animation and sprites, and in general the game was very fun for me. However, I suggest that you should change the amount of time that the cutscenes take so it becomes quicker. If I were able to, I would rate this 4.9 stars because of how amazing the animation is. I do have big ideas like you do, but I don't really know how to program games, so I just draw them on paper.

Charming game with cheerful music and delightful visuals! I love the concept and the pixel art style!

I'm not gonna lie... This was amazing the instant i understood what it was i was supposed to be doing. I took a bit longer than i'd like to admit getting the hang of it but it is quite nice.

cool idea and great execution, great job on this!

Great game but I cant get past level 6 in hard mode. The platform you need to jump to at the beginning seems to be way too high up for me to reach.