Reviews for "Paddle Pals"

Quite a unique game! I really like the concept of this.
It moves a little slow, but the speed isn't much of an issue.
Maneuvering in the game gets a bit difficult at times,
and it isn't always clear what you should do, but all in all,
a very nice game.
(I love the music!)

Not bad but moves too slow.

The game is very good, I'll give you that! Nice animation and sprites, and in general the game was very fun for me. However, I suggest that you should change the amount of time that the cutscenes take so it becomes quicker. If I were able to, I would rate this 4.9 stars because of how amazing the animation is. I do have big ideas like you do, but I don't really know how to program games, so I just draw them on paper.