Reviews for "Paddle Pals"

great game but, how do you break the ice? I tried everything, throwing myself while in pinball form jumping on it EVERYTHING!!!!

MorsGames responds:

Sorry for the late response but you're supposed to use the head bonk move in the ball form by pressing down.

A clever play on the brick breaker games.
I like how you use the brick breaker concept.
though the controls do need a little work, I do find this quite enjoyable.

Charming game with cheerful music and delightful visuals! I love the concept and the pixel art style!

Sweety. Feed my creativity

A very solid proof of concept! I'm guessing this was built in Construct? I love it, it'd be nice to see this become a fully fleshed out game... I may have to rip this concept for myself.

Honestly, I wasn't fully on board with the "Incompatible Genres" theme, because the idea of "Incompatible Genres" doesn't hold water in most cases. "Incompatible" isn't the same as "Uncommon", but it did give us a chance to experiment with ideas like this, which actually makes something great of merging together two genres that may not have ever been combined.

Thinking on a larger scale, the concept of a Brick Breaking Platformer could even merge in different genres like Pinball, SHMUP's and all kinds of things. Personally, I'd like to play around more with this little subgenre you've built here.

MorsGames responds:

Thanks! I used GameMaker: Studio 1.4