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Reviews for "painting"

This is a very lovely song, with some very nice chord progressions and melodies :)
Rhythmically (or rather, there are a few extra notes here and there which don't fit into the measure), a few things are off. But that doesn't really matter, as they don't distract from the beauty :D
Nicely done with this one ^ ^

That said, did you record the improv you were speaking of :O?
If so, I'd love to hear it sooner or later!

I love your piano pieces. I, too, would like to hear the improv you spoke of.

Well, even if this isn't the best piano improv of all time, it still is beautiful and has some pretty spectacular melodies. I love how it's alternately busy and energetic and flowing and spacious. I've missed your piano improvs, too, Johnfn. Between you and LucidShadowDreamer, my iTunes library is a solid 20% piano solo stuff now (not really)! Excellent job bringing out emotion in this piece, though. It has a very natural-sounding sense of pace too. I was crying at the end too, but mostly because the track cuts off suddenly. :P All joking aside, nice work. Your piano skills continue to improve markedly.

Also, I have to ask: did you actually write an improv that somehow got deleted or something? Because that sucks. :'(

johnfn responds:

I actually do still have the other piece. I dunno if I can release it though... I mean to my ears it is perfect but it is flawed in some ways.

10/10 IGN, would read author comments again.

johnfn responds:

I wrote the most amazing response ever to this reply, but then I deleted it because it was too perfect for this ugly world.

Then I wrote this response instead.