Reviews for "The Life and Death of Vega"

Great work

11/10 for a slice.

Well that was unexpected. XD Awesome style, random but stillred-lined plot progression and incredibly fluid animation... pleasure to watch. It's like a slice of life short... but with a whole new meaning! Awesome work.


lo ev
loved this animation, the exhchnage between Alex and Vega was very good, Vega and his pizza hating dumbass and Alex and his pizza lovnging dumbass

superb work!

very funny, better then the old street fighter cartoon for sure, u should produce a new street fighter cartoon! if only, because ur talent is amazing. how much time did it take u to make this?

Andobiki responds:

Uhhh man it's hard to remember how long this ended up taking haha
I took a really long break about 3/4 of the way through so the exact timeframe is kind of fuzzy