Reviews for "The Life and Death of Vega"

Was that Yipes on the "Scoops" ice cream truck?! Amazing in-joke if so.

Andobiki responds:

Glad you caught that! Yipes is one of my favorite people in the FGC, hands down.

All about the Juri!

Great animation and voice acting.

I'm going to dock you half a star because because some of the jokes could probably be better. The juri one was on point though. I usually just give people 5 stars to be nice but I'm being ultra critical here because I see great things from you111 and you can only go up from here.

Andobiki responds:

Man that really means a lot from you jeff. I intend to keep improving and make greater things

This is hilarious
Juri is so hot

Real good voice acting and animation. This ones a winner. :)