Reviews for "The Life and Death of Vega"

Great animation, super expressive!
Love the fact that Vega just keeps getting more goofy-looking as time goes by, and the little Alex bit is priceless!

Great animation.

This is a great animation and I loved that little insult toward Little Ceaser's. That place isn't true pizza. Voices were good, especially Juri. I didn't expect this to go down a comedic route, so it caught me off guard.
The only bad thing I could say is that Vega didn't die. Unless that punch to the gut was what killed him. :P

Wew...despite being someone who has NO IDEA what is going on, since I know jack about SF, this was pretty damn fun to watch. It's animated quite well, albeit somewhat simple here & there, the visuals are very nice in general, good audio all around and mainly the humor is totally great.
Again, I had no idea who they were (well, aside from Bison) or what was going on, but it didn't really hurt the jokes at all. I think that should speak volumes for a parody. This is how ya do it.

Funny stuff.