Reviews for "Pizzaboy Ultimate"

didn't even load?

The controls need to be significantly improved, they are nearly unusable as they are currently

When I saw this I got excited because I enjoyed the previous versions of this game. But this version is horrible. Please go back to the controls you had before, because this version is just plain bad.

d-z responds:

Hmmm, yes yes, this has been listed, sorry that it countered your excitement.

Game is stuck on the loading bar for me, which given the other reviews, is a bit of a disappointment.

Edit: Okay it loaded on me and I seem to have missed the point of playing monotonous levels over and over again in order to unlock the necessary levels to advance in the game. Grinding for the purpose of making your game longer has to be one of the the worst inventions mankind has ever produced. Also, chill out on the main menu and features. It took me literally half an hour to discover how to operate the launch sequence and advance to what I think is the main game.

The only nice thing I have to say about this game is that the scenes you get when you lose are great. Like actually more rewarding than if you win a level and get the animation. That is likely more personal taste, and my preference for the creators 2d art.

Other than that the controls are so user unfriendly it's painful. I don't know if this was originaly intended to be a web game or mobile, but it would really benefit from WASD movement and having the firing of the gun be automatic, because it's just a mandatory button to hold that adds no depth or purpose to the game other than to have lactic acid build up in your index finger at the moment.

d-z responds:

Hmmm, I was not able to get this response from the testers. I do understand now that experiences may vary when using full mouse controls as there would be other factors that are dependent on the quality of the mouse. Keyboard controls is definitely noted for the next update.