Reviews for "Pizzaboy Ultimate"

Although it's a little hard in the beginning(gain money),but after level up the equipment you'll find that is easy to clear the stage(even easier than the original version:In that version,last stage you need to store the bomb to clear).
And there is one helpful technique in the game:keep using the mouse to hold the missile key and you can set the location that you want~
I should say that i prefer the previous version because the woman are much prettier(7/9:like/total).But there are still some great character or position(4/9) in this game.
Whether the next version will be 3D or not,i'll expect for your advancement :)

It is actually not a bad game once you figure out a couple of things.

First, I would recommend to the designers to get rid of the pizza icon that is replacing the standard arrow. I thought the tip of the pizza is how click on things, but you actually need to hover the middle of the pizza to click something.

Next, as most people have said the controls of the bike is awful, but only at first. My recommendation to players to is grind a little on the first level and then buy upgrades to make your bike move up and down faster in addition to buying upgrades to your machine gun and a shield (the upgrades can be bought by clicking on the gun on the bottom left of the screen where it says, "Hornblase tech").

I also recommend to players to use the mouse to drag the bike up and down (keeping in mind the bike will move slower then where you are dragging it to until you have several upgrades to the movement of the bike) since dragging the bike will have the machine gun go off on autofire.

After that, beat the companions by clicking bag next to the gun. Beating the companions isn't that hard after a minor upgrade to you gun, movement, and a shield. By the fourth level you are going to want to use all three by clicking on each one where it says inactive/active next to their names (once you have beaten each one).

Final suggestion to the game designers, actually have a tutorial that explains where everything is located, how the game is played.

Hope this helps!

d-z responds:

You got this all figured out. It's my mistake to assume that other people will also think the same way. There is a tutorial video on MSG but yes it is not easily shown here. I suppose an improved instructions page is in order for next version. Thanks for being cool!

fun but the mouse is a bit offset.
Either remove the Pizza icon or correctly set the pointer.

d-z responds:

The offset is for touch users.Still, I've been getting messages about the pure mouse controls, this issue has been noted, thanks!

I couldn't work out the game at all.

Is he supposed to be delivering pizzas for sex at some point - or just endlessly trying to shoot down as many skyturtles as he can as he careers his crazy way through the sky?

As you may have gathered, I am not one for shoot 'em down games, and so am doubtless missing something - possibly everything.

The positive rating I'm giving is only a) for the "losing" final splash screen - if getting gangbanged/monstered/consumed by the beauties is losing, why would he ever want to win, as others e.g. Malfluent have pointed out (maybe they are cannibals, but what a way to go) - and b) for the two beauties at the very start of the game, before it all kicks off. In other words, what I like is absolutely nothing to do with gameplay I don't understand.

Personally, I'd say make more sex pictures, and less basic Supermario/Donkeykong type throwbacks! But what would I know? :D

d-z responds:

Everyone can be a winner. The shot down screen in this game is not punishment but is just a scene of horny sky turtle women plundering a young and nubile warrior of the sky (Which is a win situation for the Sky Turtle Women). I'm glad you like the illustration. ;-)

I have to say, compared to some of your older games, this really didn't do much for me. I really your artwork and animations, so these 3D rewards was kind of a disappointment. The game it self is funny enough but the controls are still pretty bad even after your update. The keyboard features doesn't really work, and if you try to fire with the (arrow left) key, you just fly out of the screen and all enemies seems to stop coming.
Don't stop making game, but please go back to drawing instead of that 3D sex scene

d-z responds:

Thank you for your input. You were right about the lack of screen barriers, that has to be remedied in the next version. I have not encountered the issue that was described in the second part of your statement but I will look into it during the next update.

As for the 3d art, I found it enjoyable to make them and I really like how they turned out too. On the other hand, I will not stop making 2d art so expect to see more of the stuff in the future.