Reviews for "Pizzaboy Ultimate"

Game is stuck on the loading bar for me, which given the other reviews, is a bit of a disappointment.

Edit: Okay it loaded on me and I seem to have missed the point of playing monotonous levels over and over again in order to unlock the necessary levels to advance in the game. Grinding for the purpose of making your game longer has to be one of the the worst inventions mankind has ever produced. Also, chill out on the main menu and features. It took me literally half an hour to discover how to operate the launch sequence and advance to what I think is the main game.

Although it's a little hard in the beginning(gain money),but after level up the equipment you'll find that is easy to clear the stage(even easier than the original version:In that version,last stage you need to store the bomb to clear).
And there is one helpful technique in the game:keep using the mouse to hold the missile key and you can set the location that you want~
I should say that i prefer the previous version because the woman are much prettier(7/9:like/total).But there are still some great character or position(4/9) in this game.
Whether the next version will be 3D or not,i'll expect for your advancement :)

Can not have sex with a woman in a shop.

d-z responds:

It is currently not available in the game but it will definitely be a feature in the future.

I have to say, compared to some of your older games, this really didn't do much for me. I really your artwork and animations, so these 3D rewards was kind of a disappointment. The game it self is funny enough but the controls are still pretty bad even after your update. The keyboard features doesn't really work, and if you try to fire with the (arrow left) key, you just fly out of the screen and all enemies seems to stop coming.
Don't stop making game, but please go back to drawing instead of that 3D sex scene

d-z responds:

Thank you for your input. You were right about the lack of screen barriers, that has to be remedied in the next version. I have not encountered the issue that was described in the second part of your statement but I will look into it during the next update.

As for the 3d art, I found it enjoyable to make them and I really like how they turned out too. On the other hand, I will not stop making 2d art so expect to see more of the stuff in the future.

I enjoyed playing this game. Laggy, but that is because I am using an Android Tablet. Truly a great game. Maybe make quality controls so mobile devices can enjoy it a little better?

d-z responds:

Thank you. I have tested it several times and I was quite happy with the controls. And the testers did not complain about the controls. Can you please tell me how you think it can be improved further? I want the game to be enjoyable for everyone. :-)