Reviews for "Fighter Z Ain't No Show"

Dude you need 4 more things to join collab:
1) More dicks
2) More penises
3) Detalisation
4) Being ga...introvert.

Rovertarthead responds:

Yeah I guess I’ve just noticed I forgot about that. Thank you. But what do the last two mean? 3.an 4? And I'll be sure too have lighting and shading next time too.

Well that was entertaining. :) WIP version when it's over too, don't think I've seen that done before... nice behind the scenes screen. Also the real teeth within the animation: pretty awesome/creepy effect. XD Nice one.


Rovertarthead responds:

Thanks I believe, comedy entertainment is my strong point. Yeah I still wish that there were buttons to click for the sketches scene just like NG used to have. Yeah just thought the teeth was a nice touch thank you very much!

The animation is really well done!

Rovertarthead responds:

Aw thank you very much! I try. But I'm going to try even harder next time. I'm not even getting started yet ;)

The animation and art were pretty nice. Humor could have been a bit less random and extreme. The voice acting was also pretty good. Also only about half of the video is animation, the rest is sketches/storyboards/I don't know. Usually you only include a bit of that while the credits roll or something.

Rovertarthead responds:

Yeah I guess I’ll cut that out. Wish Swfs would work so you can click on buttons again. No more havin your own menu screen or options.


This one here is Entertainment a Grand adventure with various ideas Utilised in just the right way, you have Earned some points from me on this one so nice effort. love the action scenes in this one, really good character work aswell this was randomly funny

Nothing really it was pretty solid.


Rovertarthead responds:

Aww thanks man that means a lot but I do see what I need to improve of course such as lighting and shading which I will be having for now on in my animations in cartoons. Thank you so much for your review of course next ones will be even better.