Reviews for "The Ballsack Ninja"

Looks like the series just got a new sideick! :P And that Ninja sure got balls! This is just getting bizarre at this point but... entertaining, yeah, can't argue with that! With such large amounts of blue the blue's really a lot more noticeable btw, bit sharp. Overall: good stuff.


ChutneyGlaze responds:

Chutneys bizarre adventures!
Thanks CD

oh yeah what he needed was a good kick :)

ChutneyGlaze responds:

Yes! two things you can use to wake up in the morning...
1. coffee
2. a good kick in the nuts!

absolutely fantastic style! the sounds and comedic timing were genius!

Very well animated! Found the humor a bit juvenile but that is simply personal preference. Over all great work!

Holy shit! I don't recall anything making me laugh like that in quite a while! Sure, the animation needs some tweaks on the skeleton running, for example; the end of the fight doesn't make much sense, or I don't dig the design of the girl too much...

But I'd be damned if I don't acknowledge how incredibly hilarious all this was and the ever improving quality of your animation skills. And, of course, your originality. Congrats, man!

ChutneyGlaze responds:

THanks Caminante you hit the nail on the head! I also did not like the skeleton running but i was too lazy to fix it. Next time...Im glad it made you laugh though!