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Beautiful work

This looks like a blend of charcoal and pencil to me, which makes it very beautiful looking to me. This is a pretty cool looking piece.

Wish I could write better art review because as far as I know I'm horrible with them, but hey we all interpret art in our own unique ways you know?

This is just great though, like how half of it is siding with blue hair and the other half is blue almost like she is always at a struggle with herself or such.

not exactly perfect with being half and half but it is very cool, nice piece of art InsertFunnyUserName!

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Thanks :]

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To get full respect from this picture I suggest that the viewers click on it to view it at it's full size. It really shows how much work and detail was put into it.

It's a great picture, but I think that the change is too sudden. Is there a way that you could have made the change a little more subtle because it's really just one face and then another face, but at a much deeper level we know it's not like that in real life. If someone is double faced in real life then there are the two different sides, but somewhere in the middle it's more of a mix of characteristics and emotions. It can almost represent a struggle for a person to find out who they really are and it's as never as clear as you have represented it here.

Where it splits also isn't directly down the middle. I don't know if that was on purpose or if you meant it by there is more good in a person than there is bad in a person. If it wasn't meant to be like that then I guess I am complaining a tad bit about how it isn't split down the middle of the face.

Off of the negatives though. I really love the use of red in the hair far to the right. It's almost out of place, but yet at the same time very fitting. It's hard to explain, but maybe it can be explained that even with good there comes some bad, but it's not always a bad thing.

The face structure made me a little confused as I couldn't tell if it was a girl or a guy with really long hair and girly like features.

So overall, I feel that it could have been a bit more symmetric and that a more subtle blend in the middle could have given it a deeper meaning. I do feel that it's a piece that people can allow themselves to imagine what it means to them and it might be different for everyone. I won't take any points off for the minor things that I spoke of.

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Subtle blend is a good idea and yeah, the face is a bit disproportionate.

Thanks for the review :]

Not that bad a cliche

Well, this wasn't that bad a cliche - if you were going for the two faced cliche, you should have had a prissy good girl putting her makeup on and seeing a goth chick in the mirror, or something like that ;)

What density paper were you using? How many g/sm was it, since that can make a big difference to how the acrylic paint reacts with the paper. Perhaps you could try doing something like this on canvas?

The detail is pretty difficult to deal with when you're using acrylic paints and you have made one or two errors, such as the imperfect divide with the hair and the smudging around the pupil of the red eye and the white not looking so white there. I think that with the way the red hair invades the blue side of the piece is good, but would it be possible to see some sort of a fightback from the lighter side of the personality, since that appears to be the symbolism.

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InsertFunnyUserName responds:

It's 90 lb paper. I've been thinking about getting some canvas, but never got around to it. I use this paper because it's heavy and can take a lot of paint, but getting something smoother would probably help, yeah.

I think the whiteness problem comes from me using the wrong type of white, lol. But yeah, there are a number of inaccuracies. I wish I had a bigger canvas to work on so I'd have better control over detail.

Thanks for the review :]


I definetly think the face needs a lil' work, but as far as the painting, your pretty killer. Keep up the work yo :D

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Yeah, I don't like the eyes and the face is a little too wide, but overall I'm happy with the way that it came out.


ok now this was very neat, a very artistics view here, i love that its paint and not digital art, and you can really tell with this one, i liked this one so much i made it my faves, but anyways the front face is great what caught my attention on this one was the red and blue hair but color does that to me, I think as a small detail improvment you should have made the eye colors reversed kind of a {YING/YANG} effect, but its still impressive, now also would have liked to see more of a body and some backround there but must say this was still impressive, and glad i had a chance to review this, ill keep checking on your other stuff as its very artistic so awsome job indeed.

Some color change on the eyes so its reversed i suggested like the ying / yang effect. and maybe some more fuller shots aswell.


InsertFunnyUserName responds:

Thanks. Yeah, I could have done a bit more with the background. The reversed eyes is an interesting idea, also.