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Reviews for "ANAMNESIS.fla"

Takes a good few rewinds to actually catch what's going on, and then to ACTUALLY catch what's going on. Great job, you still manage to stay ahead of yourself in a sense without going too far or slipping into an overused formula.

Ehm... What The Fu...?

5 Stars

Did somebody saw Sandford dying , and then reviving?

A dark and mysterious theme you are going with my dear friend Krinkels. Well done... 💧ī¸Žâ™’ī¸Žâ™‹ī¸Žâ™Žī¸Žâ–Ąī¸ŽâŦĨī¸ŽâŦ§ī¸Ž ♐ī¸Žâ™‹ī¸Žâ—ī¸Žâ—ī¸Ž ♋ī¸Žâ– ī¸Žâ™Žī¸Ž â§Ģī¸Žâ™“ī¸Žâī¸Žâ™ī¸Ž âŦ§ī¸Žâ—ī¸Žâ–Ąī¸ŽâŦĨī¸ŽâŦ§ī¸ŽđŸ“Ŧī¸Ž 🏱ī¸Žâ™ī¸Žâ–Ąī¸Žâ—ģī¸Žâ—ī¸Žâ™ī¸Ž ♎ī¸Žâ™“ī¸Žâ™ī¸Ž ♋ī¸Žâ– ī¸Žâ™Žī¸Ž ♋ī¸Žâ’ī¸Žâ™“ī¸ŽâŦ§ī¸Žâ™ī¸Ž ♋ī¸Žâ– ī¸Žâ™ī¸ŽâŦĨī¸ŽđŸ“Ŧī¸Ž 👎ī¸Žâ™‹ī¸Žâ’ī¸ŽđŸ™ĩ■ī¸Žâ™ī¸ŽâŦ§ī¸ŽâŦ§ī¸Ž âŦĨī¸Žâ™“ī¸Žâ—ī¸Žâ—ī¸Ž âŦ§ī¸Žâ–Ąī¸Žâ–Ąī¸Žâ– ī¸Ž â§Ģī¸Žâ™‹ī¸ŽđŸ™ĩ♏ī¸Ž □ī¸Žâ–ī¸Žâ™ī¸Žâ’ī¸ŽđŸ“Ŧī¸Ž ✡ī¸Žâ–Ąī¸Žâ—†ī¸Ž ♋ī¸Žâ’ī¸Žâ™ī¸Ž ■ī¸Žâ–Ąī¸Žâ§Ģī¸Ž âŦ§ī¸Žâ™‹ī¸Žâ™ī¸Žâ™ī¸ŽđŸ“Ŧī¸Ž ☚ī¸Žâ™ī¸Žâ™‹ī¸Žâ–ī¸Žâ™ī¸Ž ■ī¸Žâ–Ąī¸ŽâŦĨī¸ŽđŸ“Ŧī¸Ž

Animation for the years have improved and I've seriously can't wait for the new MC
These short ones are great and mysterious and would love to see the big picture of it!