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Reviews for "ANAMNESIS.fla"

It was.... AWESOME. But I didn't understand anything here. Anyway, you did a great work agian

Deimos continues to kick ass! He's a savage here. Those hooks on the other hand seem to like messing with him. Let's see how much longer he goes before croaking. One thing I'm not sure about is this: Did he go back in time to save Sanford from getting killed or did he save a replica of him?

yes my dude! madness

Good shit.

I like to imagine this is what hell is on the madness universe.

This was as awesome as ever. It does make me wonder if the series has ended. I mean, there hasn't been an episode in years. I'm still very glad you're making these short cartoons. The action's always awesome. I remember that hook.

I kind of lost track of the plot after the fifth one. You know why? That was when Wikipedia deleted their article on the series! Demand it back, I say! You'll always be remembered here.