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Reviews for "ANAMNESIS.fla"

Deimos is in hell itself.

I am so curious to see where this goes. You have become quite the master of Silent storytelling, krink. The choreography and expressive movements have never been better, it all feels so natural, but so fast. (Deimos has always been the most expressive, and it's only gotten better here) The quick split second look away Deimos has that lets Stanford get shot before he can react, the quick reactive dodges, the fact he takes out the biggest threat first, the fact these minions have more weight to them then before, it all just works so well. And the chain i just an amazing plot device and prop to move things along!

I can't wait to see what happens next.

This is short, but this is one most interesting madness animation i ever, it should be the begenning of something bigger, something greater...
By the way, this animation was made by skilled hand's, and i never seen any other thing than a good work from Mister krinkels Joly so as alway's... Bravo! ^^

I can't wait to see this all put together, I love the direction it's going in and I'm hoping it will perhaps explain anything involving the Higher Powers or how characters come back to life. But above all PLEASE DEIMOS, REVIVE!!

The animation is extremely smooth and fun to watch, it's like a night-and-day difference from the previous Madness installments, and as usual I always love the attention to detail and hand gestures the characters have. That moment where Deimos chucks the Soldat's weapon away and just unloads on him was like a complete "NO, DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH MY BOY SANFORD". But "Sanford's" black face and all the cracks and flashing at the end...? Still trying to piece that together... not sure what it means... but I hope it becomes clear soon.


Theory - The black blood represents the dirt left behind from S M O K I N G them cigs.