Reviews for "Indie Ana Jones"

Games designed to make you angry on purpose are meh. There's a lot of cool mini games and puzzles to be had but some 'obstacles' are deliberately annoying for the sake of it. It wasn't funny before or now.

This is an awesome game with a LOT to do! I've managed to get everything except Ant Coin Collector. I have looked all over inside the anthill and can't find a coin anywhere (and your otherwise complete walkthrough doesn't include the anthill or beehive for some reason).

Oh also, the "Honey" medal doesn't work. It unlocked in-game, but not on Newgrounds.

Munguia responds:

Thanks for comment and play, Now thereĀ“s a video with ant hill and bee hive. check https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTL83tbdqIU

how do you enter lava world?

It's basically just a La-Mulana clone. It doesn't even try to hide that fact with some of the opening narration: "Finally I reached La-Melonia, the adventure starts here."

If you have the patience to play through all of this, more power to you.

excellent, though i think its always wise to put the controls in the game description.