Reviews for "Dodge'Em"

Keep it up

lmao made #1 hall of fame very easy game until about 7000 really hard to get stars after that.

I wish this game was on the xbox. This game is amazing, but when you get to the thousands it starts to lagg, but this is a great game!

AlaaNasro1337 responds:

Glad you liked it ! Such support!!!!

I really liked this one! :D Simple idea, but so addicting. Creative fun. I'm thinking multipliers based on how many you get in a row, and slightly different values depending on the color on the stars would've been nice, as well as maybe extra points whenever you bash something, would've made it a lot more varied/interesting/unpredictable. Ability to steer via keyboard would've been good too. But otherwise gameplay's easy to get into, and it plays well! Awesome game.


AlaaNasro1337 responds:

Thanks! There will be further updates, stay tuned!

I really liked it but toward the latter end of the game, it started to really hurt my head and eyes. Not sure why! good game though!