Reviews for "Dodge'Em"

smooth control, no bug found and the hitbox works properly, but the game s too easy to beat, I reach 3k point in my first try without missing one life.

The gameplay was too repetitive and boring. the missiles are easy to dodge because of their small hitboxes and slow movement speed. The boxing gloves are dropped too often. adding some music would also help.

This is a decent little game. The graphics are simple, but good. The gameplay is somewhat fun, but it gets very tedious and hard on the eyes as you level up and go faster.

Having music would definitely be an improvement. The sound effects that you put in this game are nice, but the lack of music eventually makes the game kind of boring.

some music perhaps

AlaaNasro1337 responds:

Okay? And music requires the lack of 2 stars and a half?
However, I'll do it.
Next update is going out soon.

I really liked this one! :D Simple idea, but so addicting. Creative fun. I'm thinking multipliers based on how many you get in a row, and slightly different values depending on the color on the stars would've been nice, as well as maybe extra points whenever you bash something, would've made it a lot more varied/interesting/unpredictable. Ability to steer via keyboard would've been good too. But otherwise gameplay's easy to get into, and it plays well! Awesome game.


AlaaNasro1337 responds:

Thanks! There will be further updates, stay tuned!