Reviews for "Dodge'Em"

Incredibly simple, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Just needs to have increasing difficulty in order to make it more interesting.

Also, an odd, yet interesting glitch I discovered is when I hit my right button by mistake and the spring disappeared from the vehicle and looks like he's flying Dr. Robotnik's hovercraft.

I really liked it but toward the latter end of the game, it started to really hurt my head and eyes. Not sure why! good game though!

lmao made #1 hall of fame very easy game until about 7000 really hard to get stars after that.

Not bad as a concept. its smooth and very playable, but you need to develop it if you want it to be meaningful. for example increase the difficulty by other means other than speed, like different levels with different backgrounds and terrain an with bad guys or ceilings an stuff hanging. Right now it's just too easy. maybe less speed increase which just gets boring and more variation.

Also the terrain is not properly put together and sometimes you see a white line where two parts meet.

But overall not bad.

I wish this game was on the xbox. This game is amazing, but when you get to the thousands it starts to lagg, but this is a great game!

AlaaNasro1337 responds:

Glad you liked it ! Such support!!!!