Reviews for "Dodge'Em"

The character that you control was good. The color was bright and the game ran smooth. There however wasn't a goal, or break for the levels. I found the game extremely easy, but this game would be good for a younger audience.

Perhaps a boss fight between levels that you could shoot the collected stars at it.
I do agree with most reviewers here, that some music would be nice.

I do think you have a interesting character here. I'd like to see this game expand with more options for the players.

Eh, a simple game, but it's the lack of variety that gets me.

- No music
- No additional obstacles
- No changing backgrounds
- No change to vehicle or driver
- No change to weapons
- No real goals to hit

The only thing that changes is the increasing speed, which doesn't really affect difficulty. It would be much more awesome if at each "level up" there would be changes to the things listed above. In a more fleshed out game, I could see how leveling up could either make you stronger to help with the increasing difficulty, or the stars could be used to buy upgrades.

All-in-all, not a bad game, but the lack of variety and goals makes it quite boring after the medals are achieved.

11 lives, 30 Gloves and 10.000 Stars now.
My eyes hurt from the choppy FPS. - That's my computer here, I will not include that in rating.

To be objective. Lets start with a few pointers, see it as constructive feedback, nothing personal man :)

- I think a few have already pointed out the difficulty in the game, its clearly lacking, As speed increases perhaps what you can think about is adding a jump capability for the car,
To jump over some obstacles,
or perhaps make the lift longer/bigger so you can reach higher and kill some mocking birds ;)
- A very big nice adjustment would be to have the cart of our bouncy car go down faster, I've missed many items, stars not being able to go down., The point of any game is to maximize your score right? It`s not giving you the option to catch all stars at this point.
(This might be intentional) But when you reach a fast pace! This gets increasingly annoying as I could have grabbed that one Bokser to go further, but instead jumps over 2 star rows and items while not being able to grab it at all.

- Glitch When passing over 9300 stars and you've leveled up. I've noticed the game tends to fly trough some objects in stead of grabbing lives, gloves or even pass trough rocks.
Missles always hit though. >.> :P Kudo's on difficulty, but could be better!

I`ve played twice, on my gaming machine which has more specs and power that a few newgrounders combined :D - The same issue happens there, so might check that out!

- Few plussers here,
- Easy to grasp game
- I like the addition of a pauze, quality and mute button.
Many games don't have that, and I`d like to run off now and they for something that needs my attention... my precious.
As the Grabbing of stars sound is after 10 minutes of game play kind of annoying and I can mute that! great function.
(That's a personal preference and of course cannot be included in my total rating.)
The Animation quality is at a medium to simple level, but if you want a fast paced action game, you can`t blam it full of HQ animations, many a system would not like that. +1
Finally, I like the main characters face. His expression is that of one depraved of life and purpose, and honestly made me laugh a little. +1

So all in all, for the purpose of an and relatively fun, easy game I rate 4/5 stars.

I wondered how such a mediocre game has a 3+ rating. I think i found the reason; quite a bit of your 5 star commenters joined newgrounds just 1 or two days ago and have no other activity than playing and rating your game.

Maybe you should put more effort in your games instead of your rating bots.

AlaaNasro1337 responds:

I wish that was me, but I ain't that person, for real. At this point, you are harassing a developer for no absolute evidence, which I stated i have no relation with, and we can match the accounts with mine, in IPs or whatever, its not me. Thanks for being a rude person, thats such a goal to you, is it?

It's an okay game, although the sprites and gameplay are a little eh. There isn't much challenge to it either, as I was able to obtain all metals on my first play through. Eventually I got bored and Just idled until I lost.

Additionally, it appeared the results screen is bugged, as it showed nothing for me.
And uhhh...whats with all the rockets and such? I dunno, this game seems to be all over the place.

AlaaNasro1337 responds:

The game over screen should have displayed an ad, but since Newgrounds API doesn't work for for some reason, it seems "bugged"