Reviews for "Dodge'Em"

Easy medals

It's quite fun but I found it too easy and impossible to lose. It needs to get more difficult faster. Some ways it could have been achieved is faster increasing speed and boxing glove requiring manual activation by mouse click or space bar. The mechanics, responsiveness and animation were nice and well made.

This game needs some catchy music.
There could be more obstacles/items.
The background is borring, maybe it could chance throught the game (sun goes down, game becomes darker/harder).
Way too easy.
The medals unlock a bit too soon; had 2990 points when I unlocked the 3000 medal, same goes for the previous one (not shure about the rest).

All in all a nice and short game, which sadly becomes borring after 5 min

Very meh.

It would be cool to add some music in the background, and even more obstacles in the game to make it more challenging. But it was still really fun! :D