Reviews for "Khonjin House Game"

Falling through the escalator makes the game perfect 10/10.


After killing myself on multiple occasions, I finally won and went to hell. Game of the year. The cut scenes were high quality with great dialogue. The were were scenes that made me laugh with joy, and scene that pulled at the right heart strings. I've cried, laughed, and also orgasm so har-

Objectively, this game is bad, although you guys are already aware of this fact. That said, I wish there was a bit more than walking left or right before falling, even just going to another floor. But I can't. I reach the...escalator?...and fall, or jump fruitlessly, to a Try Again screen.

Do you know why i hate Khonjin House Game, because its the best game ever made. The graphics look like they were drawn by a four year old with the talent of Pablo Picasso in his prime. Which is what i would have said if i liked the graphics which i do not. narratively this game is a paragon of interactive story telling. Every choice you make weighs on your conscious because every connection you make with the characters feels organic. Thats why im giving this game a 5/5,000,000,000 it fucking sucks.