Reviews for "Khonjin House Game"

the screen size seems a little unneccessary. kind of difficult to view it all at once. id be happy to try it more if its sized down a little bit

I don't understand. The tiny jumps seems to be useless. walking either direction while jumping just leads to death. There seems to be nothing else to do. Am I missing something? Playing on chrome if that matters. And I have to scroll up and down to see everything.

Although, as it was mentioned before, the game is stupid. Completely.
But that's what I loved about it! And it even made me chuckle a lot!
And even though there's no enemies or interactable objects, you weren't lazy to add an attack option.
5 yOu WiN / 5 yOu DiEd

extremely well crafted gameplay, amazing sound and design, and great story telling. flawless game.

also, i hate myself and got more inspiration from your stupid little game. how why ewhat the fucs

I'll be completely honest

This game started my drinking problems