Reviews for "Khonjin House Game"

t he game Fucking sucks

seems kinda funny but i die every time i walk up to the first ladder.
if thats intentional, i feel like you could have made it more clear or like had us die to some sort of hazard instead of just falling through the floor.
i get the concept i guess, i just feel like this would be much better as a movie given that theres basically 0 gameplay besides the dialogue

It made me laugh. That's good enough to deserve a 4. I loved the end.

knowing there isn't an actual game you're supposed to die makes me feel more forgiving and that i just am not stupid. The jokes lsnd and the voices help. so does khonjin's moving character. The jokes afe very funny. ending as funny as it could've been though.

Hilarious, these kind of games really make you laugh. 5/5