Reviews for "In the shadows"

A very good platformer with a very interesting plot twist at the end.


mapedorr responds:

Are you having problems with the walls, the spikes or something else?

I started the game but I couldn't move. All I could do is keep pressing c to hear my thoughts

mapedorr responds:

Which web browser are you using? Did you try to reload the page?

this game is a masterpiece! i played it on my youtube channel, thinking it would've been a bad game, but you absolutely blew me away! you deserve these 5 stars, man!

(although i did encounter a glitch where i slide through walls many times)
((please fix this! i want to enjoy the game at the fullest extent))
YT: -Sir.Animaker

mapedorr responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. Other players complained about that glitch (and a couple more), but most of them are already fixed in my machine. Before uploading those changes, I'm waiting for the tracks of a musician that offered himself to compose music for the game.

Pretty nice good job :)