Reviews for "In the shadows"

Fue muy amable de tu parte haber considerado también el español muchas gracias poca gente lo hace.
Respecto al juego es muy interesante el concepto pero creo que debería mejorar los controles ya que tarda un poco en responder y avanza muy lento. Saludos ;)

mapedorr responds:

Me alegra que haya aparecido un jugador que use el Español. Lo hice porque es mi lengua natal.

Ya varios han mencionado problemas con los controles y trataré de resolverlos en posteriores versiones.

Gracias por el comentario.

Beat the game, super predictable 'twist' ending. Felt like a decent puzzle platformer until the last few levels where it feels like you just wanted to say, 'SCREW IT who cares about hitpoints or the stealth mechanic and lets just make it a game of 1 block jumps and instant death spikes EVERYWHERE.' Essentially turning into a frustration platformer without the tight controls. Game expects us to use tiny character size gaps while the character doesn't maintain a constant size, sometimes just refuses to fit until you wiggle around or maybe jump.

The eye has a tendency to jump around away from it's fixed path after death, but only sometimes. Sometimes, especially in the last level, it decides that it can see you in a spot that you could be standing in for multiple cycles without being seen. Sometimes I would just slide through a wall. Especially frustrating as I didn't want to come here for a frustration platformer but I also didn't want to leave with a feeling of it being too hard to beat and that's the problem.

mapedorr responds:

Thanks for the comment. It is good to know that you felt frustration during some of the last levels (it is not the feeling I intended to generate). You're right about the loss of the stealth mechanic in those, but in defense of the game, I must say that it is linked to the story. On the other hand, could be something to improve, especially in relation to the spikes.

I can for sure fix and improve things related to the character size, the eye paths, and the controls. I'll try to include those things in an update.

A thing that makes me feel bad, is that the end didn't surprise you. Could be a problem with the things the character says.

Anyway, I thank you for having played until the end and for having taken the time to write.

The main problem with Day 3 is that the game gets laggy; so it's more difficult to move .

mapedorr responds:

Oh...I thought it was solved :(

One way to deal with that from the player's side is to reload the page. I know it is not the best solution, because is something I have to fix, but it helps. I'll try to find a way to fix it. I promise.

I started the game but I couldn't move. All I could do is keep pressing c to hear my thoughts

mapedorr responds:

Which web browser are you using? Did you try to reload the page?


mapedorr responds:

Are you having problems with the walls, the spikes or something else?