Reviews for "In the shadows"

Very interesting game mechanics and very fun to play.

There is also quite a lot of levels and game is quite long depending on how you play.

In most of levels, if you get noticed it is a good idea to just rush the rest of the level while the eye recovers for next thunderstrike, it's faster and simpler then trying to do everything perfectly stealthy.

Once the spikes come into play this strategy isn't really applicable so well and everything becomes much harder.

The gradual storytelling trough monologues at start of each level are a good thing to keep the player motivated.

The ending animation was rather short and didn't explain much of what couldn't be deduced from the monologues within levels. After the hard last levels I would hope for a more interesting ending revealing more details about what, why and how it happened.

Also - while the gamescreen is rather large, it would have been nice if this worked on fullscreen.

mapedorr responds:

Thanks. It's good to know what you think about the ending scene. Now that you mention it, I could include a Fullscreen button in the UI.

Very fun to play ! I like the gameplay and the art is very nice!

mapedorr responds:

I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the fav.

I had a lot of fun playing it actually.
There was some glitches on level 101 and level 09 at my knowledge that you can go through a platform, which was annoying when you try to finish the game and really undermine the gameplay.
Also some lag was seen on the first level with spikes which was unexpected.

The story, the sounds, the quality were great, you really made a lovely game. Well done.

mapedorr responds:

I'm glad you liked it. I just released a new version of it with all those bugs resolved. :D :D :D

this game is a masterpiece! i played it on my youtube channel, thinking it would've been a bad game, but you absolutely blew me away! you deserve these 5 stars, man!

(although i did encounter a glitch where i slide through walls many times)
((please fix this! i want to enjoy the game at the fullest extent))
YT: -Sir.Animaker

mapedorr responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. Other players complained about that glitch (and a couple more), but most of them are already fixed in my machine. Before uploading those changes, I'm waiting for the tracks of a musician that offered himself to compose music for the game.

This game is fun and challenging but sometimes if I click out of it, it won't let me move and my only resort is to refresh the page. Plus, there are times where the eye glitches from one side to the other without warning or times where my character goes through walls, and it's really annoying. After I got to the final few levels, it stopped being a fun stealth game and became a game of "let's run like crazy and see how many pills I can get before I lose all of my lives". I like the concept but the game is extremely bugged and the controls are lagged.

mapedorr responds:

Thanks for your comments. I'll try to fix all those things in the next update.