Reviews for "Block Mystery Crew: Dracula's Castle"

I am a long-time fan and have been playing (and beating!) your various escape games for years.

I like the creativity in this one a lot! It was very cute, the music was nice and non-distracting, and it wasn't too difficult to solve (meaning, I didn't need a walkthrough).

A few suggestions/notes though:
- I just assumed the flowers on the van were the symbols I needed to solve the van puzzle. Maybe if one of them was highlighted in a heavy black border or something to make that a little more obvious, it wouldn't have felt like an educated guess. (not a big deal, just a note!)

- The navigation was a little too muted (it wasn't obvious where to go/that a direction was even possible). For example, the only reason I had trouble figuring out where the 2nd silver key went was because I didn't see I could go left next to the 1st chest.
This is a common theme with your games using real photos (like the Sneaky treasure series, etc.). Personally, I think a simple palette swap would help! If the border of the arrows was black instead of light green and the clear background of the arrows was darker, for example, it may be easier to see.

Other than that, the puzzles worked and were logical, and all the medals unlocked no problem once I refreshed the page. Thanks for another cool game, Self Defiant!

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks for your ideas! Yes, the arrows need to be changed! I will do it for the next one. :)

Your LEGO set is really nice, but it could be a lot clearer where to go and what to do next. I almost couldn't find where to use the second silver key, and I had to cheat on the van puzzle since I couldn't find a red clue anywhere.

selfdefiant responds:

I agree, the arrows need to be changed. :)

I have to admit that I was really impressed by how it looked! I was at least able to get inside. If you go towards the big building, look on the right for a skull. There will be the silver key behind it. Use it to open the door on the left side of the screen. Wait, I got outside, but I got no medal!

What do you mean by "inside"? Is there more stuff coming? The music was pretty good. I can always appreciate Lego art. The movie was awesome.

Wow, your games are getting better and even better. I mean, many of them are already good but this one is very fresh, it's something new. You put so much details on everything, this is truly amazing.

I missed playing such an escape game. Thank you selfdefiant! One thing though... after defeating the plant you should have taken another shot without it since it is still visible from outside the planthouse.

selfdefiant responds:

Haha, you got me there! Good eye! Thanks!