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Reviews for "Secend"

I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised. I did not expect to enjoy this game at all, as I felt that the one second constraint would be overly annoying, but I am glad that I was proven wrong. This is a charming little fan game, and it goes to show how much can be done in a single second. You do a lot with the concept itself. Even beyond that, the game does not go into the territory of being annoying because every single checkpoint feels like an accomplishment. This truly is a game where you feel like you're getting somewhere, and that feeling exists because you are, indeed, getting somewhere. My gripe with the game though is the short length, as I wanted there to be more to this, but for what's here, it's a fun little romp.

Lol this is really hard and probably a joke but its pretty well made :p

This was not too hard with enough spamming at the general direction the next checkpoint can always be hit quite easily. The whole game can actually be probably completed in about one minute if done perfectly. It took about ten for me.

I am not a huge fan of the concept - I like games with beautiful backgrounds where you can take your time exploring every corner and looking at those beautiful backgrounds. This game just forces you to rush and there is no time to stop and take a look. And there is nothing to look to because graphics are simple and so is music.

Despite all that, this game was quite fun quite fun for the few minutes it takes to complete it, would it be longer it would become annoying fast.

Does this convince me to buy the larger game this was made to advertise? Sorry, but no. In my mind the perfect example of a timed game would be the classic game of Prince of Persia - you have a time limit there, but you can decide which parts of game you want to complete fast and efficiently, cutting all corners, and in which parts you want to take slow and look at beautiful palace walls. A simple global time limit is much less annoying and enjoyable then the fragmented limit from one checkpoint to another in my opinion.

The next game will be "Picosecend" and you'll move fast enough to make Sonic cry.

We need a reset button, because i got stuck and ITS A SOFTLOCK
i cant move onscreen again so I HAVE TO CRASH THE GAME MANUALLY
EDIT: i moved out of bounds, not softlocked the game, sorry bout that