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Reviews for "Secend"

hmm, a good inspired game, i love it

The Under Judgement Sign Look Like the Adult One Except it's Purple

It's neat but the controls are a little too sloppy for how little time you have to do things. The music is really nice though.

Well, it was great. I liked the idea of making a "hardcore" version of the original game. I think the dificulty is just right. Only one thing: the first few rooms after crossing the bridge are hard to navigate, since you don´t have enough time to explore, and it becomes a matter of perseverance (wich it was already) and luck (wich, I think, it shouldn´t be) until you get through the right way almost by chance. Otherwise, Ioved it. <3

StuffedWombat responds:

thanks :)

Yeah, its pretty hard to navigate!
I thought it would be easier :/

glad you enjoy the rest tho :)

Not a very good concept, especially with changing screens. Is this game even complete? got stuck at maybe the 5th checkpoint with nowhere to go